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Branding & Web Design - Steakhouse Texas

As an expert in web design and branding, I present my latest project for Steakhouse Texas, a renowned restaurant brand known for its prime steaks and authentic Texas ambiance. My focus was on creating a unique digital experience that reflects the essence of Steakhouse Texas while meeting modern web standards and user expectations. This project demonstrates my commitment to design excellence, user-centricity and innovative digital solutions.


The redesign of the Steakhouse Texas website reinforces the restaurant's digital identity with a user-friendly experience. Responsive and retina-ready design means the website can be optimally displayed on all devices. One highlight is the personalized reservation form that automatically forwards requests based on location. The integration of an Instagram feed and a dynamic video and image slider impressively presents the culinary offer and ambience. Additional functions such as the "Back to Top" button and a full-screen menu header improve the user experience and navigation. These optimizations reflect the brand identity of Steakhouse Texas and provide visitors with a modern web experience.

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Discover how your culinary vision takes shape. I support you in transforming the flair of your restaurant with care and creativity into a Unique visual experience to transform it. Together, we'll develop a design that appeals to your guests' senses and captures the true spirit of your offering. From the first click to the final menu - let's create a distinctive Online ambience that not only attracts attention, but also arouses enthusiasm and turns visitors into loyal customers.


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