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Branding & Web Design - Steakhouse Texas

As an expert in web design and branding, I present my latest project for Steakhouse Texas, a renowned restaurant brand known for its premium steaks and authentic food.

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Branding - Gurzel Yachting

Established in Bodrum Turgutreis, the company sets a high standard in offering first-class services in the field of yacht tourism. The spectrum ranges from historical discoveries to...

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Social Media - Imera Beauty

For Imera Beauty, I designed a bespoke Instagram concept that reflects the brand's aesthetic and elegance. Through a careful selection of images and the design of a...

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February 27, 2023

Logo - Luppino Practice

For the "Practice for Kinesiology" I developed a logo that captures the essence of kinesiology - a holistic and supportive treatment method. This method is used to...

  • Strategy


  • Design

    Logo Design

  • Client

    Practice for Kinesiology - Jessica Luppino

  • Tags

    branding, logo, mockup

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Branding - Spitex Kaufmann

A leader in home care characterized by quality, compassion, innovation and integrity. For Spitex Kaufmann, it was an honor to be both the...

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June 3, 2019

Website - Cleaning heroes

The cleaning heroes stand for competence and reliability in the world of removal services. As a full-service company, they take the stress of moving off their customers' shoulders and offer...

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Branding - Foret Fashion

Anchored in the heart of the fashion industry, Foret Fashion is committed to combining style with environmental responsibility. Our approach to branding Foret...

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