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"View": Control center visualizes remote communication holographically

"View" wins the MUSE Award in Gold

"View", a project developed in collaboration with LAYER and Deutsche Telekom Design, has won the MUSE Award in Gold. The concept design in the prototype stage is called "View". It is a holographic home control center and assistant from Deutsche Telekom that aims to redesign its services and hardware for a more inclusive future. One of the most exciting features is the ability to make holographic calls and visualize data. In the video, you can see how the user visualizes and gives directions from the stadium to the caller.

LAYER describes this device as "just like Star Wars". Intelligent depth cameras capture the user's body, face or surroundings and create 3D holograms. This brings the magic of face-to-face interactions to remote communication.

Visualization of the communicated data

LAYER worked with Deutsche Telekom's design team to explore the future of communication and connectivity. For "View", in-depth research was conducted into the latest technologies and global trends in connectivity and communication. The mechanical and electrical engineering teams then built a series of functional, interactive holographic prototypes supported by next-generation hardware and software features.
The world's first functioning "View" prototype was presented at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona at the beginning of the year.


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