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Runway and Getty Images develop an artificial intelligence model for Hollywood and the advertising industry

AI startup Runway, backed by Google and Nvidia, has teamed up with Getty Images to develop innovative tools for Hollywood and the advertising market.

Runway announced on Monday a partnership with Getty Images, one of the largest image providers in the world. Together they are working on a new AI-driven video model called Runway Getty Images Model (RGM).

What is the significance of this development?

The collaboration with Getty Images adds an additional layer of credibility to Runway's AI capabilities and provides a fresh source of data for training the Runway ML models. Whether Getty Images photographers and contributors have consented to the use of their work to develop AI products that could potentially replace them remains an open question. Many Getty Images photographers work on a freelance basis and are subject to license agreements with the company, but are not permanent employees. There have already been conflicts over the use of content when Adobe Stock used images to train its Adobe Firefly AI models.

Hollywood, the advertising industry and the media landscape are the target markets for Runway's novel RGM model, which aims to gain a foothold in the world's leading visual media industries and become an essential part of their production processes. Runway's push comes at a time when it has itself faced copyright lawsuits for training AI models on artists' work without permission. Getty Images doesn't seem fazed by these lawsuits as far as its partnership with Runway is concerned. This collaboration comes on the heels of major updates to Runway's Gen-2 web-based AI software application, including a new motion brush that allows users to incorporate motion into specific areas of a static image. This brush mimics the perspective of a video camera and allows users to pan and tilt a static image, adding cinematic motion and enhancing the realism of the resulting videos.

Regardless of the outcome of this partnership, it is clear that Runway has established itself as a frontrunner in the generative video AI space, despite strong competition from newcomers such as Pika. Pika recently closed a $55 million funding round and unveiled its emerging video AI kit platform.

"The new model makes it easier than ever for companies to create professional, engaging and brand-specific content."

According to a Runway blog post, the new Runway Getty Images Model (RGM) provides a foundation for companies to develop their own customized models for video production. Runway customers can customize the RGM with their specific data sets. This enables companies in the film, advertising, media and publishing industries to increase their creative capacity and create engaging experiences tailored to their own style, brand identity and specific target audience. Together, Runway and Getty Images are pushing the boundaries of what is possible with AI and video production, making it easier than ever for organizations to create professional, engaging and brand-specific content. The RGM will be commercially available in the coming months. Runway.TV and the AI Film Festival are already hinting at where this partnership could lead; an exciting future lies ahead, don't you think?

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