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Branding Logo Mockup February 27, 2023

Logo - Luppino Practice

For the "Practice for Kinesiology" I developed a logo that captures the essence of kinesiology - a holistic and supportive treatment method. This method is used to identify the underlying causes of problems and pave the way for a harmonious realignment. The logo I created reflects the depth and integrative nature of kinesiology to support patients on their path to self-discovery and healing.


The holistic and supportive nature of kinesiology was captured in the newly designed logo for the "Practice for Kinesiology". After careful research and design iterations, a branding was created that embodies both the core principles of the therapy and the vision of the practice. The final design offers various application possibilities and is available in different formats.

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    Logo Design

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    Practice for Kinesiology - Jessica Luppino

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    branding, logo, mockup

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