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Platform for listening to forests: connects nature lovers with soundscapes from forests around the world.

The opportunity to escape city life and immerse yourself in nature is not always available. It requires time, budget for travel, physical energy and a willingness to hit the road. In such cases, the digital world offers an opportunity for a mental escape without having to leave the workplace to find a little relaxation. An excellent place for such a break is

tree.fmdeveloped by the Berlin design studio New Nowis an extensive collection of soundscapes ranging from the tropical forests of Kerala (India) to the World Heritage-listed forests of Madagascar. On this platform, you can experience birdsong in Ecuador or the impressive chirping of insects in Panama. 

Experience a complete radio experience with the Chrome extension

The archive was compiled by people from all over the world who recorded forest sounds. As expected, they appeal to listeners to take action to protect our planet: "Since you're here, why not help promote what keeps us alive? Climate change and political decisions are destroying our forests. Let's leave our grandchildren trees to climb and take steps to revitalize our planet.

You can use for a comprehensive radio experience by installing the Chrome plugin from here download. The forests you hear are selected at random, which is a characteristic feature of compared to other audio archives. The part of the world from which each forest originates is also displayed. You can switch to a different forest sound at any time before the current one ends. I listened to continuously while writing this news and found it very enjoyable.

A closer look reveals that is fed by another archive called Sounds of the Forest, which also contains sounds from Turkish forests and which we reported on a few years ago. If you're interested in nature sounds, you might also like the following projects: Visual Sounds of the Amazon, which transforms sounds from the Amazon forest into digital sculptures, and A Guide to the Birdsong, which converts bird calls of endangered species into electronic music.


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