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New artificial intelligence tool from Microsoft: Team Copilot

Microsoft relies on Team Copilot to increase the efficiency of meetings and maximize work productivity

Artificial intelligence is growing in importance every day, and leading technology companies are at the forefront of this development. Microsoft is one of these pioneers. Yesterday we reported on the launch of a new product family: Copilot + PC models.
Microsoft has now launched its new AI-powered assistant Team Copilot introduced. This groundbreaking tool handles a variety of tasks, including tracking meetings, creating notes, managing projects and assigning tasks.

With Team Copilot, Microsoft is aiming to significantly increase work productivity and make meetings more efficient. The new function will be seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Teams, Loop and Planner integrated. The release of the tool is planned for the coming years, and access will be a Microsoft 365 Copilot license require.

Team Copilot can also create tasks in Planner, monitor deadlines and notify team members when they need to contribute to or review a specific task. However, while the use of AI technologies in business processes is increasing, some concerns remain.

In particular, it is about how much trust people can place in this technology and how human control can be guaranteed. In this context, Microsoft emphasizes that Team Copilot under human control and the user can override the tool's decisions or assignments at any time.

The announcement of this tool by Microsoft is a significant step that heralds the wider use of AI technology in business processes such as meeting management. This could revolutionize the way we work and take efficiency to a new level.


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