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Highlights of iOS 18: All the new features and surprises from WWDC 2024

The highlights of iOS 18: From locking and hiding apps to the revamped Photos app

The eagerly awaited WWDC 2024 began today at 19:00 Swiss time with the Apple keynote. The new iOS 18, which impresses with numerous innovative functions, was also presented. Discover the latest updates and how they can revolutionize your user experience.

Innovations that personalize the iPhone

iOS 18 offers new ways to customize your iPhone. You can customize applications and widgets on the home screen so that your background photo is in the foreground. There is also a new icon view in dark mode and the option to change the color of all icons as desired.

Control center

The Control Center has new functions and controls that you can add and call up by swiping across the screen. You can expand the Control Center with a new gallery and customize its appearance.

Data protection functions: Lock and hide apps

iOS 18 brings improved data protection functions. You can lock apps with Touch ID and Face ID and hide apps in the "Hidden apps" folder. You can also specify which contacts have access to certain apps.


The Messages app also gets exciting new features. You can now add tapbacks with your favorite emojis, schedule messages and use text effects to add effects to words. The satellite messaging option is now available for iPhone 14 and later models.


The Mail app can divide emails into categories such as Business, News, Promotions, Social, Transactions and Other. It will also be possible to summarize flight information or work emails. These functions will be available at the end of the year.

Apple Wallet

The "Tap to Pay" function has been integrated into Apple Wallet so that users can make payments by simply tapping their iPhone. The area for event tickets has also been given a new design.

Diary app and games

New insights and views have been added to the diary app. The games app now has a game mode that improves the gaming experience.


The Photos app comes with a new design that makes it easier to find photos. Thanks to the grid view, the images are clearly arranged. You can use the new filter button to search for specific images. The "Collections" function allows you to search by topic, person or time period. You can also pin your favorite collections to the top of the list.

Discover all these exciting new features and more in the new iOS 18. Share this post to let others know about the latest Apple innovations!


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