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Free guide from Google: Prompting Guide 101 for "Gemini"

Google has released a free guide called "Prompting Guide 101" specifically aimed at helping users get the most out of "Gemini" for Google Workspace.

Google is offering support for users who are struggling to communicate effectively with its AI assistant and use it efficiently in the form of a 45-page booklet called Prompting Guide 101. The tech giant has developed this free resource specifically for Gemini for Google Workspace users. At the same time, the guide is also helpful for "Gemini" users in general.
This manual does not contain complicated technical information. It is a simple and clear guide that provides users with the basic skills they need to create effective prompts and utilize the full potential of AI assistants. Organized by role and use case, it provides targeted example instructions for the needs of different positions, from customer service agents to project managers. This allows users to directly access the information they need without having to wade through irrelevant details.

How can you optimize the input during a chat?

The guide encourages users to avoid jargon, use natural language and express their thoughts in precise sentences. It emphasizes the importance of being specific and providing as much context as possible in order to use Gemini successfully. The guide takes a conversational approach and encourages interaction where users can customize their input to get the best results. If the initial input does not produce the desired result, the guide explains how the user can improve the input through ongoing conversations.

The tips contained in the Prompting Guide 101 are designed to help users improve their interaction with Gemini for Workspace and make their workflows with Gemini more efficient. The aim is to increase productivity in various positions and departments.

The guide contains examples of different roles and scenarios:

You can download the guide here free of charge download.


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