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Design trends 2024 from Canva

Canva announces design trends for 2024 based on analysis of millions of user requests and popular content on the platform

As 2023 draws to a close, Canva, the online graphic design platform, has published its predictions for design trends in 2024. The predictions are based on analysis covering 170 million users and offer insights into search trends, behavioral motivations and collective creativity. Canva explains the process as follows: "We identified the top design trends for 2024 based on the popularity of elements in our content library, search trends, emerging patterns from our global user base, and insights from our internal design team."


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Canva presents a valuable guide to navigate creatives through the year ahead. From nostalgic pixel art to the origins of digital and surreal escapes, each trend offers deep insights.

Canva has divided the design trends for 2024 into five categories. Let's look at each of them in detail.

Pixel art: A nostalgic fun greeting

Canva predicts a return of pixel art in 2024, a fusion of precision and pleasure. Inspired by classic eight-bit graphics and Minecraft, this trend celebrates modernity while indulging in nostalgia. A 179% increase in searches in 2023 shows that this design can also be effective in fonts. It's time to unleash your inner gamer and add a touch of retro digital to designs.

Flow and form: The encounter of geometry and organics

According to Canva, geometric and organic shapes will come together in harmony in 2024. This style zi

The trend is towards combining dynamic shapes with balanced colors and impressing with minimalist lines. The trend for blob art, flowing shapes in murals and large geometric elements in brands and packaging is on the rise. With a 27% increase in searches, this style is favored for its simplicity and expressiveness.

Movement collage: dynamic scenarios in design

Collage will be dynamically reinterpreted in 2024. This trend revitalizes collage by leveraging fanzine culture and scrapbooking to transform static images into captivating, moving scenes. With searches for "cut out" and "scrapbook" on the rise, the motion collage trend promises a dynamic and eye-catching element for video and digital content.

Surrealism: Immerse yourself in the fantastic

Surrealism is experiencing a major revival. This trend invites us to leave reality behind and enters a world full of fantasy and spiritual designs. It invites us to break through the ordinary and escape into another world. With Generation Z leading the way, we can expect images that are strange, unbalanced and full of individuality. A significant increase in searches for 'dreamy', 'ethereal' and 'fantasy' shows a growing desire for designs that take us into new dimensions.

Bold rebranding: a fluorescent future

2024 will be characterized by bold branding as brands seek to reach the next generation. A kaleidoscope of bright, fluorescent colors combined with rounded sans serif fonts will radiate positivity and fun. Neon colors and bold typographic systems will be everywhere. On Canva, the terms "vibrant" and "lively" are already at the center of design, with searches up 32,000% and 19,000% respectively. It's all about standing out and giving brands a unique, vibrant identity.

You can read the report on Canva's design trends at here view.


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